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Stories of the Week

5 Jan - Bribe Allegations hit Canada Revenue Agency Employee

12 Jan - Sylvain Parent’s Ten Year CRA Tax Audit from Hell

19 Jan - Misconduct Claims hit Canada Revenue Agency Staff

26 Jan - Canada Revenue Agency cleans out Canadian Legion

2 Feb - CRA Goes Grinch over Staff Christmas Parties

9 Feb - “You’ve Earned it - Claim it.”

16 Feb - Tax Amnesties Around the World

23 Feb - Is the CRA Harassing Inuit Artist Jonas Faber?

2 Mar - Canada Revenue Agency Loses in Small Claims Court

9 Mar - How Your Mortgage Can Lower Your Tax Bill

16 Mar - Happy 7th Anniversary to the Canada Revenue Agency Story of the Week

23 Mar – Canada Revenue Agency Kills Woman - Twice

30 Mar – One More Added to CRA Kill Tally

6 Apr – Penalize an 80 year old Woman but NEVER an ex-Prime Minister

13 Apr – Are Free 2010 Olympic Tickets being Taxed?

20 Apr – Canada Revenue Agency now Collects Parking Tickets?

27 Apr - A Key to Winning in Tax Court

4 May – Taxes are Canadians Fastest Growing Expense - Report

9 May – The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is Running a Contest!

11 May – Update - The Tax Man Movie

18 May – Federal Politicians… Still Breaking Canada’s Tax Laws?

25 May – Taxpayer Ombudsman can’t fix everything at CRA

1 June – Octogenarian Trumps Canada Revenue Agency in Tax Court

8 June - Yet Another Judge Rebukes the Canada Revenue Agency

15 June - CRA Penalizes Tax Free Savings Accounts TFSA

22 June - Canada Revenue Agency Employees Going Rogue!

29 June - Canadians won’t be penalized over TFSA Confusion

6 July - Traveller wins right to claim Aeroplan Points

13 July - Irvin Leroux wins first round Court Battle vs. Canada Revenue Agency

20 July - The Rich are Richer… and why they will stay Richer

27 July – CRA Employees Surf Web too much at Work

3 Aug – Another Canada Revenue Agency Security Breach

10 Aug – Tax Collector was in on Fake Charity Scheme

17 Aug – Canada Revenue Agency ordered to pay Gang $200K for Rights Violation

24 Aug – Secret CRA Tax Deal leads to Unequal Tax Treatment

31 Aug - Objectionable Conduct by the Canada Revenue Agency

7 Sept - It Never Hurts to Ask…

14 Sept - Canadian Taxpayers Require Bill of Rights

21 Sept - Inmate earned thousands filing fake tax forms from prison

28 Sept - Tax relief available for Hurricane Igor Sufferers

5 Oct - Police officers across Canada vow to fight a “tax grab”

12 Oct - Taxpayers’ Ombudsman's Second Annual Report Tabled

19 Oct - Claiming Medical Expenses is Easier Than You Think

26 Oct - Changes to tax breaks for medical travel & lodging

2 Nov - Dealing with a Death can create tricky tax situations

9 Nov - Fishermen Gut Canada Revenue Agency in Court Battle

16 Nov - Canada Revenue Agency, Appeals & "The Right to Know"

23 Nov - Get 100 Percent tax write-off on Computer Purchases

30 Nov - Canada Revenue Agency Pays out $750K+ to Avoid Lawsuit

7 Dec - MERRY CHRISTMAS! Canada Revenue Employee Learns Crime Does Pay

14 Dec - Canada Revenue Agency Fires Six and Suspends Three

21 Dec - Canada Revenue Agency MUM on Santa Claus’ Tax Filings

28 Dec - 2 Days from the Diary of Samuel Marchbanks

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